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Dr. Meir Carmon holding book

Dr. Meir Carmon is an Israeli author and senior lecturer at the Department of Political Science at Bar-Ilan University and the Department of Criminology at the Ashkelon Academic College. 

Dr. Carmon, a former police officer, served, amongst other things, as the head of the Tel Aviv district crime investigation unit and was involved in the investigations of serious crimes.

Dr. Carmon investigated the abduction of Oron Yarden in the early 1980s. He graduated from Tel Aviv University and went on to earn his master's degree at the Bar-Ilan University and his doctorate in education.


Thirteen of his books have been published so far and he has co-authored and edited the book "False Convictions".


Dr. Carmon is the owner of

CCI - Carmon Confidential Investigations private investigation agency.

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