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Our Services

Discover Our Comprehensive Range of Professional Investigative Solutions Tailored to Your Needs.

Matrimonial Investigations

We’re often depended upon to conduct matrimonial investigations. These can range from cheating partners/spouses and broaden to investigations on the issues of child custody, access arrangements, matrimonial due diligence and pre-nuptial arrangements.  We have also experienced a surge in the requests for background checks on potential partners before entering into a relationship. Here at CCI we appreciate the delicacy of these matters and our sensitive and discreet team are here to assist you. If you would like to talk in complete confidence with one of our highly trained and approachable consultants then please contact us for a confidential chat.

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Covert Surveillance

We deliver unrivalled and unobtrusive surveillance services and offer a nationwide service to private clients, lawyers, insurance companies and corporations. When suspicions alone are not sufficient to take action and hard proof is required, our skilled professionals will obtain the concrete evidence that you need. Confidentiality is paramount at CCI and our investigators have both the experience and discretion to handle your case


Our private intelligence agency prides itself in specializing in locating missing debtors. Our expert personnel and state of the art technologies provide the highest quality service. Let us locate the debtor that has vanished and left you out of pocket. Call us today to see how we can help you recover your losses and put an end to your unfair financial burdens. We provide investigative assistance to individuals, solicitors and companies alike. 

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Training of criminal investigators in Israel and abroad

The training includes: crime scene investigation, evidence collection, psychology of interrogation, interrogation methods, surveillance workshop, exercises in investigations, business investigations and investigative tactics.

Cyber Services

If you've fallen prey to cyber attacks, rest assured, we have the solutions you need. Our expertise extends to the detection of eavesdropping in various settings, including buildings, mobile phones, and landlines. Trust us to safeguard your privacy and security with our advanced detection techniques and comprehensive solutions.

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