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Workshop for Women


In class activities:

* Introduction to the theory of investigation, the use of psychology in investigations, event analysis.

* Lie Detection - Is it possible to distinguish between truth and lies? event analysis.

* How to avoid being taken advantage of - background checks, practical lessons in front of the computer.

* The basic laws of human dignity and liberty, tracking, wiretapping and event analysis.

* Privacy laws, sexual harassment laws, sexual harasment in the workplace. 

* Matrimonial Property Laws.


Field activity

* Building a cover story, confidence building exercises.

* Forms of surveillance - lone surveillance and team surveillance. How not to be discovered.

* Surveillance on foot and by car.

* Photography - covert photography, practical observation of a subject. 



A total of 30 academic hours - the workshop will be held once a week.

Price per participant 2000 NIS (excluding VAT). Can be made in two equal payments.

The workshop will be held at the CCI offices - Yagaiya Kapayim 1, Tel Aviv











Dr. Meir Carmon is a former police officer and a senior lecturer at the Ashkelon college, Beit Berl college, Western Galilee college, the Academic College of Management, Bar-Ilan University, Ariel University, Beersheba University and the Diploma Open University. With over thirty years of experience in investigations and the training of private investigators, Dr. Meir Carmon is the owner of CCI and “Ben 1000". 


For inquiries and registration Dr. Meir Carmon 050-5280789

Miri Amoday 054-9900420

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