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Carmon Confidential Investigations


With over 30 years of experience, Carmon Confidential Investigations are

a team of highly credentialed experts that are well trained, experienced

and dedicated to offering you the answer to your needs.

All clients can rest assured that confidentiality is paramount here at CCI.

Whether you need a private investigator for personal matters or require

corporate service, we at CCI are confident that we are the right choice

for you.

Licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice - 100186169


Meir Carmon PhD

"From heading the Israeli Police force's Tel-Aviv district anti-crime unit to opening my own Private Investigation office in the early 1990s.

From there I entered the academic world earning my PhD and rising to the rank of senior lecturer in criminology and now back again to my first love, the world of criminal investigations.

I have trained dozens of private investigators, published many books, some academic and some fictional and what they all have in common is the connection to the criminal world.

I have recently reopened my private investigation office CCI under the management of Miri Amoday, a graduate of my course for the training of private investigators.

I bring with me my extensive experience and the knowledge that I have gained over my many years in the Israel Police force, from running my own agency and from the academic world." 

Dr. Meir Carmon
Miri Amoday

Miri Amoday

"I'm a mother of three that set out on my own to track down a thief that I was scared was taking advantage of my children.

I discovered a passion for investigations and made a mid-life career change.

I'm a graduate of the Open University's private investigators course and a former student of Meir Carmon.

I was born in the UK and have previous experience with international import management.. I bring with me my experience from working with organizations from around the globe, my knowledge of technology, understanding of social media and searching for information on the web and yes... my female intuition.  To this day I have strong ties to England and am especially excited that we are currently launching CCI's operations in  London to offer our services to the Jewish community that require our services either there or in Israel."


"I" is a technology buff and IT expert, a QA test engineer with rich experience from the world of hi-tech. His role includes discovering, studying and implementing the latest technologies in order to assist our daily operations.

"Y" is an expert in the field of defensive and offensive cyber security in addition to cyber intelligence - he uses his unique expertise to locate potential breaches and attackers using both passive and active techniques.

Cyber Department

We have a full team of surveillance specialists

Silhouettes of private detectives

Free Initial Consultation

We'll discover the truth for you!

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